Staff | Council Members |Meeting Schedule


Pastor:  Rev. Joe Smith

Office Secretary : Donna Anderson

Church Treasurer:  Debra Johnson

Handbell Choir Director:  Brock Wedgeworth

Pianists/Organist:   Marcia Brown/Judy Cain

Church Custodian:  Larry Tuttle

Noah's Ark Preschool

Coordinator:   Jennifer Slattery

Church Council Members

Reserve Lay Member Annual Conference  
Lay Leader  Becky Niquette
Assistant Lay Leader  
Church Council Chairperson Marvin Metzger
Trustee Team Chairperson Loren Johnson
Staff/Parish Relation Team Leader Marsha Holland
Finance/Stewardship Team Leader  
Financial Secretary Christi Simmons
Church Treasurer Debra Johnson
Church Historian Ruth Dolby
Communication Coordinator Donna Anderson 5-1-2017
Permanent Endowment Coordinator Marvin Metzger
United Methodist Men - President Brock Wedgeworth

United Methodist Women - President

Lora Kay Wedgeworth
Sunday School Secretary  
Worship Team Leader Brock Wedgeworth

Igniting Ministry/Evangelism

Denzel Gudgel

Education Team Leader Becky Hiday
Membership Secretary Donna Anderson 5-1-2017
Noah's Ark Preschool President Becky Hiday

Noah's Ark Preschool Coordinator

Jennifer Slattery

Church Team Meeting Schedule

Ad Council - 6:30 pm 2nd Monday of the month - monthly
Trustee Team - 7:00 pm 1st  Wednesday of the month  -monthly
Staff/Parish Relations - meets during Ad Council
Finance/Stewardship Team - meets during Ad Council
Permanent Endowment Team - as necessary
United Methodist Women -

Circle group 9:30 am 2nd Tuesday - monthlyFebruary through June-September through December

United Methodist Men 6:30 pm 2nd Thursday evening bi-monthly
Member Care once a quarter
Discipleship Team Quarterly as scheduled
Worship Team -

6:30pm once a quarter - January - April -July -October